Phaser has used GitHub for its project hosting since the very first version, back in 2013.

We have multiple repositories, each with their own purpose:

Phaser 3 Repository

This is the primary repository where you will find the Phaser 3 source code and all releases.

It is also where you can view, track and submit issues and pull requests.

If you've found a bug with Phaser 3, please report it into the issues section here.

You will also find the TypeScript definition files in the types folder in this repository, as well as the plugins and pre-built files.

Phaser 3 Examples Repository

This repository contains all of the Phaser 3 Examples. When you browse the Examples site, or the Phaser Labs, you're viewing the contents of this repository.

It also includes all of the assets that the examples use.

If you need to download an asset or an example for local use, you can find it in this repository. You can also clone the entire repository and run the examples locally.

If you've created a new example, or updated an existing one, please submit a pull request to this repository.

Creating Phaser 3 Custom Builds

By default, Phaser will include pretty much everything, especially if you just require or import the main entry point. This will add 980KB of minified JavaScript to your bundle which is a considerable amount, especially if you aren't even using a large chunk of it. However, you can choose what you actually need in your bundle to a very granular degree. It just takes a little configuration to do it.

This repository contains a guide and examples on how to create custom Phaser builds for your own purposes.

Phaser CE Repository

This is the repository for Phaser CE (Community Edition). It is a continuation of the Phaser 2 codebase, but with a lot of new features and fixes applied.

It is still actively maintained and updated, although new features are rarely being added to it. You should consider it as being a maintenance branch of Phaser 2.

Phaser 2 Examples Repository

This repository contains all of the Phaser 2 Examples. When you browse the Phaser 2 Examples site, you're viewing the contents of this repository.

Phaser 2 Plugins

Here you'll find a set of archived Phaser 2 Plugins, including plugins for AStar, ColorHarmony, Juicy, KineticScrolling, ProTracker, SaveCPU, Screen Shake, Tilemap Walker, Virtual Joystick, Webcam and more.